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I am the mother of my friend TG by dixondead I am the mother of my friend TG by dixondead
John and Nick were best friends from grade 1. At this point, im 17 years old. Nick's parents went on vacation and John came to nick to sleepover. John loved to wear women's clothes. Once in grade 9, John snuck into the girls ' locker room and stole 3 of bra. They still do not understand where they have gone bras. Nick played video games while John was on the second floor and tried to get into my parents ' room nick. Well, Nick had often checked him over he could not go to their room. It was already 4:00 in the morning. John was dressed in a yellow Jersey and Black shorts. John waited until Nick fell asleep and John immediately went to his parents room and began to rummage. He only found necklaces and bracelets mom. John liked one bracelet and he decided to take it well, it was too small. Well, John, everything is exactly put him on a hand. Then John had no choice as to break them in the closet. He opened the wardrobe and saw a lot of women's clothing. For John, this place seemed like heaven after all Nick is a very long sleep. And he began to wear clothing Stella (nick's Mom's name is Stella). It is a long time and a lot of clothes tried on. Well, then he noticed a box in the corner of the Wardrobe and decided to get it and see what's in it. There was a Bra and Panties Stella. When nick's parents went Stella took all my underwear. And now John was glad when I finally found it. Well, my Bra jumped on John's and closed in the back. John fright jumped right back on their big bed. Pants Stella also appeared on the John. John started to shake the entire body, and he looked at my body and saw:

His legs became shorter and thinner and all her hair fell out of John. They were feminine and smooth skin. His hips and buttocks become larger, the waist is decreased and it took the shape of an hourglass. John was hurt because of Stella's panties badly he shook. His body was long. John's hands are longer and thinner and the bracelet which he wore ceased to press. His neck had become thinner and longer. His face became more rounded. His lips became thinner, his nose is smaller and more manicured, his eyes changed color from green to blue. His hair was longer and lighter. His cock became smaller and was sucked inside. He lifted his head to see what happened well all kind of ended when he grew Breasts C-Cup.

She got up and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and said "Oh my God Stella I'm nick's mom!" and she got scared of his voice. She began to have headache and new memories flashed before my eyes of Stella, and John no longer was. She went to the room got dressed and went to the kitchen to prepare Breakfast.
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