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The girl from the party TG by dixondead The girl from the party TG by dixondead
Ryan and Jack were 21-year-old best friends. Once at the party, Ryan met a girl named Stella. Well, the full effect of intoxication as Ryan and Jack don't remember what happened. The next morning they woke up at Jack's house. Ryan remembered that he met Stella well regretted that neither asked where she lives and even the phone did not ask. After full recovery, they ordered pizza and Jack noticed in the bathroom the wrong wrist watch. He went to Ryan and asked him: "is This your watch?" Then Ryan took the watch and examined them and said that it was not his watch and Stella. And he wondered where she watches Jack's house. After Ryan decided to assign them to yourself and put hand. Then he felt funny there. Started Sienna on the whole body.
All the hair on his body with red changed to blonde. All body hair fell out, well on his head began to grow to mid back. His height decreased from 6 feet high to the small of 5.1 feet. The legs became more feminine and well groomed. His hips widened and waistline had shrunk. The back is caved in and there was a pressure on his chest. Breasts grew to a C Cup. His hands decreased stalt petite well groomed and feminine. Shoulders crunched and heavily decreased. The Adam's Apple on the neck has disappeared giving him a high female voice. His face was oval. Decreased lip and nose. Eyes also decreased and changed from green to brown. The member began to suck leaving him with a wet pussy.
His sneakers were transformirovalsya in high black shoes. His socks petrelis up around the body coupled to the unified and changed from black to transparent tights. The boxers have changed to little white panties, then shorts Ryan steel skirt. His shirt was a white blouse. Buchalter white color appeared on it. On the fingers causing the varnish of a red color. Appeared on the finger ring ends with his transformation.
Then Ryan was able to move. He immediately ran to the mirror and immediately fell to the floor in heels. He somehow got up and went to the mirror. In the mirror he saw himself and not the girl. And then he screamed, "I'm Stella?"
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